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Big Edupreneur has evolved over the years from a simple student recruitment company into a comprehensive solution provider for educational organizations at school, college and university level.

We offer a wide spectrum of services like Campus Wifi, ICT Educational tools, International Student Recruitment, Enrolment Management, Spot Admission Tours, Lead Generation, University Branding, Educational Campaigns, Student/Campus Management Software, Study Abroad Programmes, Educational Tourism, Student Exchange Programs, Designing, Printing & Shipping Services etc.

Our core focus is to cater to every single need of the educational institutions, the world over. In short, a one-stop hub for all educational services and solutions.

Whether your school is looking for a professional educational services or media solutions, we can help you, the BIG EDUPRENEUR way!!

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our mission is to become the most respected and resourceful platform for all educational needs and services, the world over. We intend to add value to schools, colleges, universities and every stake holder in education spectrum through our innovative approach and practical solutions.

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Quality Quality Policy

Quality Policy


Quality is a way of life at BIG EDUPRENEUR. We focus on providing Recruitment Solutions, Marketing, Printing & Web Services of exceptional value and Continual Improvement through lasting customer relationships.

  • In-depth Analysis of the unique requirements of educational institutions
  • Combine our instinct for rendering efficient solutions through domain expertise
  • Offer the most responsive services and efficient customer support
  • Provide answers to the challenges and concerns of education sector efficiently and effectively
Servives Our Services

Our Services


International Student Recruitment

  • Lead Generation  |  Lead Conversion  |  Local Market Updates  |  Student Counseling  |   Pre-assessment of Prospective Students
  • Enquiry to Enrollment  |  Education Agent Management  |  University Info Sessions & Seminars  |  Student Follow up

Campus Wifi for Educational Institutions India

  • Campus Wi-fi  |  Wireless Technology for Educational Institutions Pan-India  |  Educational Campus Wi-Fi  |  Wireless Internet for Campus  |  Campus Wide Wifi Services India

Student Exchange Programmes

  • Academic exchange program  |  Cultural Exchange Programmes  |  Study Abroad Exchange  |  Travel-Forex-VISA arrangements
  • Hosting international exchange students  |  Semester Abroad  |  Language Exchange Programmes

Dual/Joint/Research Collaborations

  • Getting Affiliation with International Institutes  |  Creating Alliances  |  Foreign Collaborations  |  Dual Degree programmes  |  Joint/Research programmes  |  International Staff / Student Exchange Programes  |  Curriculum Development

Customised Recruitment Tours

  • Lead Generation - Lead Conversion - Visit to colleges - Presentations to Students  |  Spot Assessment/Admissions Interviews with prospective students  |  Travel & Hotel Arrangements
  • Organizing On-Spot Admissions

Educational Tourism

  • Educational Travel  |  Visits to IIMs/IITs  |  Student Knowledge Exchange tours  |  Industrial Tours India
  • Student Travel-Forex-VISA arrangements  |  Student Travel Insurance  |  student discount airfare

University Branding & Promotions

  • Local Market Insights  |  University Marketing Strategy  |  Promotional Material Prospectus Production  |  Educational Brochure  |  Participation in Educational Fairs
  • Brand Identity and Merchandise for your school like T-shirts, Signages, Mementos etc.

Web Services for Schools

  • Website for Educational institutes  |  Re-designing website for schools  |  SEO for school/college/university websites Online Counselling

Multimedia Branding

  • Creating CD/DVD Campus Tours  |  Virtual Tours  |  Cd - Rom  |  Flash Presentations  |  Slide Show  |  360 Campus Views  |  Campus Tours
  • Media Promotion & Branding on TV channels, Newspapers, Magazine, Web and more

Printing & Design

  • Brochure  |  Pamphlette  |  Slide Show
  • Web Brochures

Shipping Services

  • Printing, Storing, Packing and Shipping of educational brochures/prospectuses Ship marketing material to prospective students  |  Cheap prices for shipping  |  Affordable rates and faster delivery

SMS - School Management System

  • ID Cards
  • IRIS  |  Biometric
  • Student & Staff Management

Educational Campaigns Services

  • Phone / E-mail / SMS Blasts
  • Web Promotions - Web Listings - SEO

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